Alchemy in dreams derives from the essence of creative forces ignited by connection. It is the mixing of different shades of energy. The dream is an energy. Your consciousness is an energy. The play between both dream and consciousness is what this exploration is all about. 

Consciousness + Dreams = Transformation, Transmutation & Transcendence

1.Transformation:  A complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc.
2.Transmutation:  The action of changing, the state of being changed into another form.
3.Transcendence:  The concept of being entirely beyond the universe, going beyond a concept or limit.

To think about how the dream reacts to consciousness, or how our consciousness reacts to dreams, is an energy/thought portal into an alchemical shift. There was a time when you just dreamt and didn’t question your dream. Maybe you even dismissed it as random images of the brain. Now that you have awakened to the power of your dreams, you have probably experienced mind blowing epiphanies, spiritual evolution and healing. You are never the same person after a shifting dream. The dream has changed or enhanced your state of being, It has enlightened you in some way, a new way of thinking; of being.

Entering the dreamscape, on its own, is a transformation of form. Our consciousness travels from our physical attention into the fluidity of your dream body awareness. Having a dream practice, or doing dreamwork, requires you to bring the dream back into your physical attention from this other fluid realm of consciousness. This will then be worked on in the physical realm and if the teachings are applied, it will transform your life.

The conscious experience we go through in a dream is the transmutation of being. When we allow the dream, and trust the dream to lead us into new states of consciousness, then our inner realms shift, therefore the place from which we dream has changed. This directly shapes our surroundings. So in this case, instead of changing our own form, it shifts everything around us. The dream itself as a form-extension-reflection of our state of being.

The realization and shift we gain from this change of being is what leads to transcendence. Once we realize that we are what causes the shift in dream, or even that we are the dream itself, we begin to disconnect from our usual sense of self. Our conscious awareness expands at this point and we are able to see beyond the place we are in. This new self naturally has to be IN something, and what that IN/container is, becomes the soul’s natural direction of awareness and manifestation. This is a place where the inner meets the outer. A place of depth and detachment from our sense of self and what we usually identify as the “I”.

And thus, the individual expands beyond itself and enters a space of non-being, which serves as a gateway into the great unknown.


This was the featured article in the Dream Pioneers October newsletter, DREAM ALCHEMY.








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