Animal guide dreams

Like fragmented aspects of my instinctive nature, animals in dreams have always guided me to discover what lies behind the veil of my subconscious mind. They are the arrows that reveal the deepest emotions buried out of sight.

Often the animals in my dreams don’t behave like regular animals. They have human-like qualities and sometimes even seem otherworldly. These experiences are always accompanied by a sense of knowing the animal intimately as if they were family. It is like a warm reunion with a long lost friend. But it wasn’t always this way, my childhood dreams were quite different and have since evolved.


There was a Wolf that would save me from danger in my childhood nightmares. Her coldness and indifference used to confuse me, always keeping her distance, performing her task efficiently, and then leaving. She frightened me, but I knew that was only because I did not understand her or our relationship.

As I look back into those early dream memories, I can see this wonderful lone wolf coming from the depth of my unconscious and having to enter a child’s dreaming mind in order to protect her. The Wolf’s presence was raw, wild, and untamed. As a teenager, I began to feel this Wolf’s presence inside of me, and in my early 20s, I completely embodied her energy. I integrated the Wolf into my being and I lived my life feeling her strong and wild love. She wasn’t the cuddly sort of animal spirit, but she did one hell of a job in dreams, as protector and guide.

Integrating her gave me the tools to navigate through that decade when I needed her love and protection the most. I was able to survive being on my own while maintaining a certain level of detachment that was required at that moment in time. As I grew older and did a lot of inner work/shadow work, this all began to change and the Wolf energy evolved with me. This was directly reflected in a series of lucid dreams where I am a part of a Rainbow Wolf Pack. We were all half human and half wolf in spirit and we trained together as a family to achieve flight in a unique way. This definitely feels like a reflection of what is blossoming in my life today as I open myself up to being a part of a community of dreamers. I also now have a husband and two kids which is that connected family I craved when I was feeling alone. We even named our firstborn, Wolfe.

I recently posted about one of the Rainbow Wolf Pack lucid dreams titled, IN LUCID FLIGHT.

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