In Lucid flight

Flying in a lucid dream is one of the most common instincts that activates within dreamers as soon as lucidity enters their sphere of consciousness. It makes me wonder if there is something hardwired inside everyone that causes us to seek such a supernatural ability almost immediately upon awakening in the dream. Is there another purpose for this reaction rather than just for……

I would first like to express my thoughts on the actual act of what is typically referred to as flying within a dream. In my own personal views, this isn’t really flying as one would perceive it in waking reality, where we move from point a to point b. What I find myself moving through is completely different and multi-dimensional in nature, even if it mimics the surroundings of my waking world. My deep exploration in flight began when I stopped trying to manipulate everything within the lucid dream.

I began to recognize that there was something else present within the dream. As my awareness of this presence grew, I was both scared and excited about what would rise from the depth of my unconscious, or from whatever lies behind the dream.

In the years that followed, I was simply allowing things to unfold in full trust that whatever happened, I was being guided by the dream toward my highest purpose and evolution. Along with everything else that shifted, so did my approach to flying. It was as if my dream body had become an extension of the dreaming world around it. The feeling was as if the dream would pass through me while co-creating with me and this helped me to realize that I wasn’t just flying through an inanimate dream world, but rather, through a live manifesting intelligence that was very much aware of me. Sometimes I resisted, and even in that resistance, a part of me was still moving through the experience trusting that I was in good hands. 

There is so much more to be said on the subject of movement and guidance in dreams, but I want to stop here for now and describe 6 adventures in which flight has manifested and evolved in my lucid dreaming practice:

*Side note: I am a dreamer without borders and most of these lucid experiences I categorize as the Astral Dream because the qualities of both seem to overlap in some way.


I am standing in the lucid dream looking around for a new idea to surface on how to fly within the dream. A white saucer the size of a dinner plate catches my eye. I pick it up and hold it with both hands exactly like one would hold the sides of a plate. I empty my mind from any intention and instead focus on trusting that the dream will take over and lead the way. Suddenly the saucer feels strong, alive, and with a sudden movement I am being guided smoothly across the sky. The plate seems to know where it wants to go. I land inside a retreat full of famous people. I also feel an inner knowing that I am in charge of the whole event. It is my retreat. I think to myself, is this the future or an actual astral-dream retreat?


I find myself grabbing onto something that looked like wings the size of a steering wheel when suddenly it takes me up into the dream air. I immediately become lucid. I no longer have any wings but I am flying in a standing position. I can clearly see my usual lucid dream boundary where I either turn back, fall or wake up from the dream. I decide to change the usual story and simply move fearlessly into my lucid dreamscape, flying high up in the sky overlooking oceans, rocks, and mountains. A sudden instinct or a knowing begins to manifest through various hand movements mixed with intent. For some reason this causes the scenery below me to shift. I summon a huge rock from the seashore to come up and meet me in the sky. I am amazed at the feeling of serene patience that I am capable of holding. I guide two pieces of the rock to position themselves beneath each foot and it seems comfortable to have this ground as I soar.


I am being led within a lucid dream by two magnificent Angels hovering in the sky. They are holding an ancient scroll between the two of them. They tell me it is “THE SCROLL OF FLIGHT”. I am magnetically drawn to the scroll. I wonder, is it about angelic flight or human flight? At that very moment, the scroll begins to speak to me and I begin to download the information. I am surprised at the advanced energetic science behind flight and maneuvering through gravity while activating centers that seem to whirl. There is a lot of information about ‘Chromosomal Ideas’ and how to shift those. It seems advanced yet, in ‘inner knowing’ terms, pretty understandable.


Realizing that movement within the lucid dream is more of an inner exploration led me to fly down into the depths of the world. A deep dive into the core as opposed to the dream skies. Prior to the dive, I found myself face to face with a holographic computer. There was a blank bar in the middle waiting for me to type in the password or code. I decided to opt-out and just type a period ( . ) in order to move onto the next dream scene but what happened instead was a knowing that I had in fact entered the right password and that I had to brace myself for unimaginable depths. As my body soared deep into the Earth, in a standing position, I began to wonder how I would survive this descent. I was way in over my head but I remained rooted in my belief that the dream held my highest mission at heart.

I reach the first gateway heavily guarded by gigantic turtles standing on two legs in the water. They were ancient, sleepy, and eternal. It was both beautiful and scary. To put it into perspective, I was the size of their toes. I pass through the gateway only to encounter more gateways. The deeper into the gateways I go, the more challenging it feels. It is as if I am about to be revealed a truth that I am not ready for. I realized that there was no actual destination, it was more about, can I GO through the gateways… and I did. Then I realized that they are not guarding but rather, holding. I sense the lesson is over and I begin ascending through the multiple layers, to my surprise, in total mastery of flight.


I am in a third scene within a lucid dream, I notice a Wolf standing at the edge of a cliff up high on a hill. Its rainbow eyes looking at me and he was a sight for sore eyes. There was a whole pack of them in front of me and I understood that this was a training ground. Apparently, I am a part of the pack and even though I look human, I have the spirit of these rainbow wolves. Some of them are like werewolves: half human and half wolf. The lesson for the training ground is flight, but not just any type of flight, it is their specific way of flying, their lineage, and it felt like an initiation. They are demonstrating how mindset and levitation can be used to achieve this state of being called flight. It required one to smoothly jump holding stillness from within. I then extend one leg out similar to a martial arts flying kick and use this stance to keep levitating. Jump, kick, focus on stillness, levitate, and let the foot drive into a smooth glide. I notice they have similar names to my own, different version of ClarOscura. This is when I first realize it was my pack. The woman elder, or of a higher rank, high fives me for achieving it on the first try.


I find myself in a lucid dream once again and I begin levitating higher using the Rainbow Wolf Flight stance that I learned in a previous dream journey. I am instructed to put my right hand behind my lower back, palm open, facing down, cupped, and begin to move my wrist up and down. This somehow takes me into a deeper place, dimensionally, where I am being told that no matter how experienced a person is, how many techniques they practice or how many books they memorize, they won’t reach the same depths as a person whom the dream has granted access to greater depths through the course of time. All young dreamers have to do their time in practice until these gateways are revealed to them. Flying isn’t just directional, but a vehicle/way to traverse into these hidden depths or dimensions. As I continue to levitate in the dream, I begin to see and understand this more and more.

Thank you for being here and reading my lucid flight journeys. I hope that in some way, this has inspired you to find your own unique dialogue and adventures within dreams.

Until next time,

Jenniffer ClarOscura